World class strategies in plain English: QinetiQ Centre for Human Sciences

The brief

QinetiQ is the UK’s largest research and technology organization: a worldwide employer of experts in defence, aerospace, security and related markets, supplying world-leading organizations including the MOD, NASA, ESA and British Airways, with solutions to very challenging problems.

QinetiQ employed YTKO Group to assist its Centre for Human Sciences division in developing routes to market for its products and services, most of which had been used in public sector applications. The challenge was to bring them to commercial markets, with effective value propositions, positioning and placement.

Our response

An audit of the market and commercial opportunities indicated a need to prioritise market-ready technologies, and develop supporting strategies for these.

YTKO Group trained the business group managers and consultancy staff on the principles of market engagement and development of value propositions. These teams, predominantly from scientific rather than sales backgrounds, were used to addressing business requirements through a consultancy approach with a bespoke solution, rather than identifying customer needs and providing a standardised or product-based solution. A workshop introduced the YTKO Group Value Proposition Process, a practical approach for businesses looking to launch new products and services to develop their business.

QinetiQ and YTKO Group jointly identified projects to take to an advanced business development stage. YTKO Group worked directly with Qinetiq in developing two of these projects, in a skills transfer process that enabled Qinetiq to manage other projects directly.

One of the overriding requirements was to provide a means of engaging customers, so that Qinetiq could better understand their business needs, and introduce them to the newly-branded Qinetiq capabilities.


Qinetiq sales teams now have the ability and tools to ascertain customer needs without multiple sales calls, building a qualified pipeline of prospects and opening up a dialogue with customers to define needs and match value from QinetiQ’s offerings.

Product groups now develop value propositions, and value-based pricing – the first activity undertaken after defining the generic value proposition. Value propositions are being tested in existing client areas, and basic research into new markets is validating its applicability in other areas.