Commercialising new technologies in healthcare: MATCH

The brief

MATCH (Multidisciplinary Assessment of Technology Centre for Healthcare) is a research collaboration between leading UK universities in healthcare technology assessment. MATCH harnesses the skills and experience of both academics and industry, to assess the value of medical devices, from identifying a need, to enhancement and evolution, and maintaining mature offerings on the market.

The objective for YTKO Group was to discover and develop new business opportunities for MATCH to move beyond its current public-funded setup, both in terms of attracting additional research funding, and the commercialisation of ideas and techniques generated from its research.

Our response

YTKO Group embarked upon an industry-wide market assessment process, interviewing key decision-makers and opinion-formers in the medical devices sector. Valuable input from industry and the health services internationally was used to develop new approaches that could be adopted by MATCH, including the investigation of opportunities for European and international consulting and researching the business models and structures of similar organizations around the world.

Additionally, innovative financial and business models were developed and tested, to ensure that MATCH, as an innovative organization, adopted a model that would support its creativity, intelligence and unique industry position.

New funding sources, especially those from the EU, were investigated and assessed, as well as a range of new activities including online, events, workshops, briefings and market reports.


YTKO Group’s findings, presented as a comprehensive final report, with recommendations for funding, development and resources, was presented to the MATCH executive committee, and later to its stakeholders, including the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) as well as Brunel, King’s College, Nottingham, Ulster and Birmingham universities.

The findings were very well received by the committee, and many were adopted as the future strategy for MATCH. The organisation has lost one partner, Kings College, but continues to grow, developing new member services, a specialist website, and a series of well-attended annual conferences.