Peter White, Founder

Peter White

Peter White is the founder of YTKO Group, the European economic and enterprise development company.

Peter works closely with scientists and technologists to create sustainable market-driven enterprises. He is a leading practitioner of proof of commercial concept, using innovative processes to develop and accelerate market engagement and revenues for early-stage science.

His early career was in financial services, for Aviva, before later managing English-language marketing for Olivetti across Europe, at the start of the Personal Computer era. Appointed CEO of Creative Direct, a consumer marketing consultancy with major clients in healthcare, chemicals, and medical devices, he developed and launched the first home pregnancy test, Predictor, and many other health and personal care innovations.

He founded YTKO Group to combine the essential capabilities of innovation and marketing, and offer world-class strategy and execution to start-ups, growing SMEs, major corporates, and more recently, to the public sector.

His innovation and enterprise expertise is wide ranging: he is Director of the Yorkshire Enterprise Fellowships, the largest pre-incubation project in Europe, covering biotechnology, healthcare and chemicals. In April 2006, he was invited to join the European Commission’s Sector Innovation Panel for biotechnology. He remains closely involved in ICT, where he is a non-executive director of two technology companies; and in optics, supporting a high performance optical processor, for which he holds three patents.