Kate McEwen, Programme Director, Outset Cornwall

Kate has been involved in community and economic regeneration training programmes in Cornwall for eight years.  In 2004 she took up a role with an FE/HE college, LSC/ESF partnership programme, aimed at supporting business owners and senior managers of Cornish small to medium sized enterprises improve their management skills.  In 2006 Kate took over the management of this programme, gaining extensive knowledge of businesses in Cornwall and the skills required to maintain successful partnerships.

Kate was able to develop her expertise further by taking over a second LSC/ESF funded programme which supported Cornish SMEs to improve their environmental management knowledge, again working successfully in partnership on this occasion with Rezolve Kernow and Community Energy Plus.

The end of Objective One funding saw the successful completion of both programmes, closing with an overachievement of outputs. Kate was then appointed Convergence Projects Manager for Cornwall College Business, managing the following LSC/ESF projects, Workforce Led, ACE, St Austell and Clay Clusters and HE Interventions – Leadership and Management. Kate also provided extensive support to any delivery throughout Cornwall College that was externally funded by ESF, she was part of a team that led the way for a complete change in the management of European funded programmes within Cornwall College Business.   During this time while building upon her considerable knowledge of Cornish business, she also gained considerable knowledge of the training and business support landscape of Cornwall.

Kate joined YTKO Group in 2009 as Programme Director of Outset Cornwall, a £2.2 million ERDF funded intensive business start-up support service aimed at individuals from underrepresented groups.  The programme runs until June 2012 and is on target to create over 200 new jobs in Cornwall through the delivery of a start-up support programme, which offers unlimited 1:1 coaching from a team of advisors.  The programme is well underway and supporting hundreds of budding Cornish entrepreneurs.

With a wide range of enterprise skills that include; research, marketing, events management, communication, planning, budgeting, partnership management, systems and quality management, Kate is passionate about economic regeneration through training and support and is keenly interested in the success and sustainability of Cornish businesses.