Jonathan Whiteland, IT Director

As a qualified engineer, Jonathan brings valuable print and  typesetting technology expertise, experience in natural language processing, and design and programming experience to the YTKO Group. He has worked in a range of environments and industries including CAD/CAM, plant design, computational linguistics, web and conventional publishing, and developed various computer-based and face-to-face training manuals.

He has worked in start-ups and SMEs, as well as in education at CCAT (now Anglia Ruskin University)

Jonathan is fully familiar with Mac, PC and Unix environments, heterogeneous networks, wide-area networks by internet/ISDN/modem, and desktop application support, a required aptitude for his responsibilities as our IT Director. He is responsible for overall IT strategy and technical support for the 5 sites of the YTKO Group.

In recent years, his expertise in a wide variety of Internet technologies, both as webmaster and trainer, has allowed clients to make best advantage of these new opportunities. His programming background allows him to create the necessary structures required for truly dynamic websites, and his focus is on creating highly user-friendly sites. Such broad industry experience and exposure to all common computer platforms means that Jonathan can provide a “one-stop” technical focus.

He is responsible for producing and maintaining the sophisticated web network infrastructure which has enabled programmes such as Norfolk Network and Enterprising Women. This latter community network was highly commended by the European Social Fund.