Mission Accomplished

Supporting new entrepreneurs and established businesses from a wide range of sectors

With offices in London, Cambridgeshire, and seven regional locations in the UK, we have over 40 years private and public sector expertise in supporting entrepreneurs, growth businesses and corporates.

Our business model is simple: we facilitate growth in our clients’ businesses by increasing their productivity, revenues and market share. We do this by delivering both strategic consultancy and operational support which delivers measurable results, in turn contributing to economic prosperity by creating wealth and jobs. We’re proud of the National and European accolades we’ve gathered over the years.

We work across a wife range of sectors, including healthcare and medical devices, marine, engineering and technology, creative, digital and media, electronics, ICT, high value manufacturing and engineering, tourism, retail, food, construction, and environment.

Our four core values are the delivery of impactful results, integrity, innovation and collaboration, and we also take pride in our long track record of diversity and inclusion.

Our Mission

We set out on a mission in our not-for-profit work to support the creation, and enable the growth of more than 10,000 companies who together contribute more than £1 bn to the British economy by 2020.

Before the end of 2019, we had already met out mission goals a year early, and since 2006, we have achieved the following:

Net jobs3,204
Net job years7,706
Economic impacts£281.7 million
Social impacts£66.6 million
Exchequer benefits£74.9 million
Total public sector costs£33.8 million
Return on investment10.30
YTKOUK Businesses (ONS)
3 year Business Survival76.3%59.1%

Enterprise creation and business growth is a journey and YTKO has the experience of supporting businesses at every stage.

At least half of our activity is not for profit, supported through a variety of European, Regional and Local Government funding (e.g. Regional Growth Fund) and philanthropy (e.g. JPMorgan Foundation, Santander).

Through funded/sponsored programmes, we provide a range of services, spanning start-up, scale-up, finance and female entrepreneurship.  We have an outstanding track record of contract management of UK and EU projects.

We provide grant, loan and financial management services and deliver tailored training and mentoring programmes for specific target groups, together with creation and management of peer to peer networking communities. We focus on bottom-line results and flexibility in the delivery of our services – after all, we are an SME too.

YTKO generates a Return on Investment of £10.30 for every £1 of funding received

We provide a wide range of business support consultancy for SMEs and larger corporates, from development of business and marketing strategies, operational marketing and financial planning, digital communications and change management. We are happy to work on small projects, as we are to carry out larger, longer-term strategic consultancy or implementation contracts. Innovation, proactivity and integrity are core to our way of working.

Our registered office is in London, and you can also find us in our offices in Cambridge, Bournemouth, Bristol, Plymouth, Exeter, Cornwall and Southampton.

YTKO was unanimously regarded as the preferred bid in terms of demonstrating in-depth knowledge and experience of targeting people from deprived areas, people from ethnic minorities, disabled people, and particular expertise in targeting women from the Enterprising Women project.

Rebecca Colam

ERDF Programme Delivery Team
Department for Communities & Local Government